Sketch to Adobe After Effects (and PSD) workflow

By March 8, 2014 April 21st, 2015 Tutorial

Ok guys, so many of you reached out to me asking to demo the Sketch to After Effects workflow, I had to set my stubbornness aside and dive into Sketch (full disclosure, I’m not a Sketch user, but the workflow from Sketch to AE is pretty straightforward. I experimented with a bunch of settings and these gave me the best results). (If you’ve never used After Effects and would like to quickly prototype your Photoshop files, Click here.

For some reason in the video, I said ‘bam’ like a million times. I’m not sure why. I never say it in real life with people. I guess I got super excited.

Leave me a comment and let me know how this is working out for you (or if I’m totally hosing you with this workflow and you want your 13 minutes and 47 seconds back).

The upside is that it’s a fast workflow. The downside is that you need Illustrator (at a minimum, and Photoshop if you want the live type in After Effects).

This video covers –

  • Exporting your canvas from Sketch
  • Importing into Illustrator and using the super secret and magical ‘create layers’ tool
  • Saving an editable PSD
  • Importing the PSD into After Effects with live type (this is really cool!)

As always, thanks for watching, and if you are interested in learning how to easily create baddass prototypes from your static design files, you can head over and check out my Rapid Prototyping with After Effects training.

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