UI animation with no keyframes

By September 3, 2015Tutorial
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If you want to be a baddass in After Effects, there is no better way than to get started using simple expressions. Expressions are little pieces of code you can apply to a layer property like it’s position, rotation, scale, etc. If you can’t code, no worries, you can just select the other layer property you want to link and After Effects make the code for you. I can’t code at all, but I show you how to put in a number here and there to rig a 3D folding UI. And of course, if you know how to write code, you’ll be totally stoked.

Oh, and before I forget, if you’re totally lost here, head over to http://uxinmotion.net, put in your email, and I’ll send you the FREE fast start video. It teaches you how to animate your UI in Adobe After Effects. And if you want to go deeper with all this, I’ve put together a pretty dope online video course that gives you step by step instructions on how to create beautiful professional animations from your UI designs. You can get it here:http://uxinmotion.net/rapid-prototyping-with-adobe-after-effects-launch/