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Even if you’ve never worked on a timeline or with keyframes, I walk you through the 7 steps that it takes to create smooth UX gestural Prototypes. It’s the training I honestly wish I had when I started learning this stuff. It’s free, it’s baddass, it will rock you, and dude, it’s way easier than you think.

Never used Adobe After Effects?

Dude, it's way easier than you ever imagined. I'll help you start creating professional prototypes of your UX projects today!

"The great thing is that right after the training, we literally were equipped to go right back to the computer, take our projects we've been working on, import them into After Effects, and now start putting them into motion."

− Jon Mann, UX Design Director

"I recently took the UX in Motion workshop and it was fantastic! As a UX designer, motion is an invaluable tool to evaluate design ideas and to communicate ideas to both internal teams and clients. So much of the delight of software experiences these days can come from the motion and you really don't know how the experience will feel until you see it moving."

− Jennifer Darmour, UX Design Director

"I can mock something up in a couple of hours and realize what I want to do. It’s a time saver and much easier for me to communicate my ideas relative to motion."

− Ben Collette, Industrial Designer

"The UX in Motion training established a solid foundation for our Designers and left us with valuable tools and tactics that will allow us to integrate motion as a prototyping tool in our practice, which will ultimately allow us to produce more tangible, evocative work for our clients."

− John Rousseau, Executive Creative Director, frog

"Before this workshop, I was lost swimming in the After Effects sea, overwhelmed by the complexities of the tools, and countless number of icons that were impossible to navigate (and remember) on my own. After watching hours of laborious tutorials, the program still felt like a foreign language that I never wanted to open. After learning from Issara, I could finally understand how easy it was to integrate it with my own designs so they weren't stuck in Photoshop/Illustrator."

− Mei Hsieh, Interaction Designer, Artefact

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“A prototype is worth a thousand words.” – Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO