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The 6 ways rapid prototyping with After Effects can support your design practice


Stop explaining your ideas. Show your client, team or developer your idea in context and with full motion.


No longer reliant on others to prototype your ideas, you are free to explore the whole experience and interaction model.


Design is in the details. Quickly explore multiple options through rapid versioning for team and client shares.



Use the laboratory environment of After Effects to quickly generate powerful ideas that inform the design.


Quickly and easily create powerful tools to communicate to your developer the subtle details of your interaction that make the experience shine.


Use After Effects to become the rockstar on your UX Design team.


"The great thing is that right after the training, we literally were equipped to go right back to the computer, take our projects we've been working on, import them into After Effects, and now start putting them into motion."

− Jon Mann, UX Design Director, Artefact

"I recently took the UX in Motion workshop and it was fantastic! As a UX designer, motion is an invaluable tool to evaluate design ideas and to communicate ideas to both internal teams and clients. So much of the delight of software experiences these days can come from the motion and you really don't know how the experience will feel until you see it moving."

− Jennifer Darmour, UX Design Director

"I can mock something up in a couple of hours and realize what I want to do. It’s a time saver and much easier for me to communicate my ideas relative to motion."

− Ben Collette, Industrial Designer

"I thought it was awesome, I absolutely loved it! I wanted to think smarter and better about motion prior to this, so this supported that goal. It was a great way to learn with the examples. It’s more difficult to think about ways of thinking of motion when you’re on your own… it’s not something that you can learn in a tutorial."

− Daniella Spinat, Print Designer

"It's a good communication tool even in an initial draft of an idea. You can test out something to see if it would work, before it's too far down the path."

− Stephanie Hughes, UX Designer

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Start rapid prototyping your UX projects with After Effects today.

“A prototype is worth a thousand words.” – Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO